About The Pocket

The Pocket is a marketplace created for customers so they can easily buy minority owned, women owned and sustainable brands. There is now one place to shop where you can compare styles and products!

Following the murder of George Floyd in May of 2020, we looked for more ways to support the black community. Our first thought was to purchase more products from black-owned businesses. This was when we noticed how hard it was to find black owned & other minority owned brands online.

We spent time searching influencers online, blogs and looking at the brands and products individually. This was time consuming and made us realize the lack of access consumers have to these businesses, when they are looking to shop from them. There was not one place to shop them all & compare styles and products.

Our solution...The Pocket, we share the collections and stories of black-owned, minority-owned, indigenous-owned and sustainable brands, all in one place!

Our Mission

We exist to connect consumers with minority owned, women owned & sustainable businesses so they feel great about what they are buying. Our goal is to ensure that these businesses have the platform and transparency they deserve to share their styles and tell their stories.

We are purpose first and care deeply about equality and providing opportunities for businesses to connect with consumers on a deeper level.

We believe in


Equality is fundamental to our mission. Equality creates respect, opportunity & success.


Better representation and a platform for minorities, women and businesses trying to have a positive impact on communities and the planet


We are changing how people shop and where money flows to improve communities & the planet