Sustainable Woman-Owned

Pushing the Boundaries of Sustainable Fashion Forward

Taiyo, founded by Katherine Jacobson is the definition of innovative, sustainable fashion. Finally, there is an option for women to buy beautiful, timeless pieces that are better for the environment. Always looking to push the boundaries Taiyo’s design and production process is zero waste. All the fabric is deadstock fabric, meaning its leftover or overproduced fabric that would otherwise be tossed in a landfill. Taiyo drops one new look at a time using only deadstock and recycled materials in limited quantities.

When Katherine moved professionally into the fashion industry she was already aware of the huge quantity of waste and when offered a design job at a large fast fashion house she just couldn’t accept it – it went against all her values. That is when Taiyo was born.

Taiyo is making huge strides in continuing to make the brand as sustainable as possible, closing the loop and moving towards being carbon positive. Katherine's passion for intentional living combined with growing understanding in the science behind fabrics makes a dynamite combo. We are excited to see what comes next for this awesome brand & pioneering designer!

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