Sylth Virago

Black Owned Woman-Owned

Ethical Luxury Footwear
Designed in NYC and Made in Italy


Sylth Virago, the latest destination for all things luxury shoes has you covered with their rich velvets, warm and sugary hues partnered with their unique silhouettes. Black & women owned this brand is powered by 3 impressive ladies; Danielle, Anthanasia the co-founders & Kyle, the designer.

Longtime friends Danielle and Anthanasia searched for ethically created, while still stylish footwear options. Realizing there was an opportunity, the duo paired up to create Sylth Virago and make vegan luxury fashion more available. 

The dark romantic concept is a reflection of the name Sylth Virago and the dichotomy of a woman. The word Sylth, a portmanteau, is derived from the words Sylph – a graceful woman or fairy, and synthetic, meaning manmade; Virago is typically defined as a warrior woman. A woman can look soft and be soft or look strong and be strong, or she can be a combination of both, which is a characteristic in each of our shoes.

The bold silhouetted heels feature a signature rose gold monogram plaque providing a delicate nod to brand recognition and adding a beautiful touch to the style. Produced next to some of the largest brands in the world, Sylth Virago stands alone as one that can fit flawlessly into the world of high fashion while maintaining an ethical foundation.

Designer Kyle, coming from an Asian-African American background and infuses strong lines, bold silhouettes and urban edginess into every design. As the Jewish member of the team, Danielle develops the shoes' costs around the number 18, meaning life in Hebrew. Athanasia is a Greek-American with strong ties to her faith, so each of the shoes are named after Greek goddesses for their strength yet gracefulness representing Sylth Virago exactly.


Styles We Love

Peresphone - $936

Penelope - $554

Athene - $270