Sustainable Woman-Owned

Women’s eco-luxury swim and resort wear label created with innovation and established out of a shared desire to create modern swimwear that evokes a sense of beauty, elegance, and romanticism. 

London & Italy

Woman Owned

Cut from Italian and eco-friendly fabrics, Irvetta is redefining the modern woman

Image courtesy: Irvetta 

We met with Julie Whiteman, co-founder of Irvetta,
to find out more about this up and coming brand featured in 
Harper’s Bazaar, Tatler & Marie Claire.

Irvetta is a women-owned, sustainable swimwear and ready to wear brand from London. Founded by Julie Whiteman & Jeje Hamze in 2019, the sisters were “searching for swimwear that evoked romanticism and elegance that did not have an adverse environmental impact”.

For those seeking a new class of swimwear that embodies eco-luxury style and honors the values of fashion with less of environmental impact, Irvetta is your new place to shop. With their flattering feminine curves and elegant, minimalist designs: Irvetta’s range of garments are the sophisticated solution for any modern woman.

Their fabrics are certified as sustainable from the Product Environment Footprint, Oeko-Tex and Global Recycled Standard to ensure the longevity of both the planet & your swimwear. If you care for the planet and want to minimize your carbon footprint, then purchase from this eco-luxury brand that understands the importance of feeling good in swimwear and protecting the place we live.

At The Pocket, we didn’t think Irvetta could do any more but of course they did… Honoring the name of their brand: ‘friends of the sea’, Irvetta donates 1% of every ready-to-wear order to the Ocean Cleanup: a non-profit striving to eliminate microplastics from the ocean and preserve marine life through technological innovations. Bravo Irvetta!

Whilst striving to make less of an impact on the planet, their mission also embodies women empowerment. Irvetta’s mission is “to empower, inspire and listen to women globally and offer our customers an insight into pressing issues in the fashion industry and beyond. These values are instilled into every component of the Irvetta brand, including the Irvetta Magazine.”
Yes, you read that right, they also have a magazine you can read here.

Julie and her team care about Irvetta’s production and the impact it has on people, communities and the planet. That’s exactly why they made the decision to produce their collections in Italy. The brand had concerns that their high ethical standards would not be met by producing in East Asia so looked to Italy as its production headquarters. Producing in Italy also meant they were surrounded by incredible craftmanship and talent that is woven deep into the history of the country.

Irvetta says ‘by holding ourselves accountable, we’re able to attract conscious consumers and become active trailblazers in protecting our natural resources’.


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All photos courtesy of Irvetta