Black Owned Sustainable Woman-Owned

Bold colors & prints,
Chechi is a black, woman owned brand that is helping the planet with more sustainable practices 


Chechi, a sustainable fashion brand from Lagos, created for women by women with the objective of making clothing that women would have their best experiences in, that they would wear often and keep in their wardrobes for years to come. 

The bright colors and multi-functional design of the collections by Chechi reflect this brand's home town; Lagos, Nigeria. When speaking to the founder, also Chechi, she told us Nigerians like to stand out and there’s no such thing as being over dressed! We love to see it! Lagos is also a very social city and you need clothing that can transition through multiple events, day to night, which is one of the reasons that her designs are multi functional.

Sustainability is a requirement at Chechi. The negative impact of over-consumption, poor waste management and manufacturing in Nigeria has left the team at Chechi with no choice but to ensure that the brand and it's customers, don't contribute to the problem. 

Moving customers' mindsets away from viewing clothing as single use and instead toward looking at pieces as lifetime items is important. Chechi uses dead stock fabric, a type of fabric that is offcuts and would normally end up in landfill, and has a pre-order model at an affordable price. Meaning the clothes are made when the order is made versus churning out new designs in large quantities. 

    We are so excited to see what comes next for Chechi and proud to have their beautiful collections available for you on our marketplace.

    Check out some of our favorite pieces below! 

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    Fari Silk

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